Our client base spans a wide range of national industries from distribution and utilities to technology and professional organizations.  SBL executives have partnered with many different types of clients – from entrepreneurs to well-established Fortune 500s.  


Here is what some of them have to say.

"We have been using the TTI assessment tools and SBL’s expertise for several years in an effort to do a better job identifying high performing individuals who share our values and will support our culture. I can say without question, we would not hire anybody without first putting them through a TTI assessment selection and interview process. The insight that TTI and SBL provide into an individual’s behavior styles, attitudes, values and skills is invaluable in identifying exceptional human capital. We went against the assessment benchmark once – and it cost us dearly!"

- Mark S. Allen, President & CEO, International Foodservice Distributors Association


"SBL helped design a succession plan and a Strategic Process in working with our senior leadership team. We identified key strategic growth initiatives to be exercised over a five-year period. The outcome; we met our top-line growth objectives and expanded our market position. Engaging SBL Co. was an excellent experience that meant a great deal to our future success."

- Chuck Cuomo, former President AFI, New Jersey

"By engaging members of our leadership team, at a high level of interaction, this process caused a domino effect that created a cascade of opportunities within the executive core that helped in positioning our utility’s succession platform for the next generation."

- Senior Executive positioned for CEO, A Major California Utility

"What has occurred over the past 24 months has guided us to a new path for growth by building bench strength and a new leadership design for our company. The impacts on our organizational culture, the excitement of our store teams and our bottom line have all been affected positively.  One of the best decisions we have made is by bringing SBL Co. in to provide us with consulting solutions."

- Richie Morgan, President Northern California Regional Grocery Chain

"I engaged John Oakes of SBL Co. to be my personal executive coach. Within this period of time, I found new ideas and tools to help me to be more effective with my IT team and the COO/s leadership team, which improved my peer contributions and personal confidence. Personal Coaching has contributed significantly to my professional career". 

- Mark Geery, CIO Tony’s Fine Foods, West Sacramento, CA 

"Without the TTI assessment tools SBL provided, it would be out of the question to make any change in how we do business as it relates to human capital development. SBL Co. brings highly sophisticated TTI Assessment tools and their staff expertise to the table that guided our Selection, Benchmark Design and On-Boarding processes that we have been using for about nine years."  

- Mac Sullivan, CEO, Pate Dawson Company, North Carolina