People Development 

People are the lifeblood to any organization and make up a large portion of any company’s success. When they thrive, the company thrives, productivity rises and profit margins increase. SBL's consutlants remove the things that hinder the strength of your organization and identify the critical components to your success.


Everyone is valuable for something. But not everyone knows how to utilize the value they have. Our assessments identify people’s capabilities and provide insights on how to leverage their strengths in areas of weakness.

Since lasting change only comes through practical application and follow through, the scientific results of the assessments are always supplemented with an in-depth debriefing session and a plan of action.


For a more integrated approach, many of our organizations incorporate coaching as part of a larger leadership development program. Coaching offers a practical way to achieve a specific set of goals in light of the areas of improvement identified by the assessment results. 


Change starts from the top down. For significant lasting impact, patterns for change need to be implemented at the highest level possible. Once our assessments identify gaps in leadership or structures, executives are empowered to make strategic decisions that will move their company to the next level.


When all the teams in different departments run smoothly, it causes the organization to be more effective. Through our workshops and analyses, trust and value are exchanged at a great depth and breakthrough is the result. Team development may involve survey assessments, gap analyses and keys to sales success.


Personal coaching is an exciting self-discovery process where you will discover new things about yourself as you move towards your set of goals. Individual personal development sessions will focus on areas that affect your long-term success. Expect to expand into the territory of unrealized potential and have a great time doing it.