Organizational Development

Productivity is a bi-product of both people and organizational development. The reassessing of structures and processes within a firm or company often reveals the gaps that are hindering them from the level of success they seek.

Organizational Process

The processes in an organization create a flow. As a company changes and grows, they naturally need new processes and leadership styles. Our Stages of Growth assessment is a unique form of performance analytics centered around small business evolution. It looks at the seven stages of businesses and identifies the areas in which a firm is underperforming and over-performing based on its current stage. This method is based on high-level research and has proven to be highly successful.

Hiring & Succession Strategies

Most companies don’t look for someone who will thrive. They look for someone who is competent. Our selection assessment system helps organizations adopt crucial hiring strategies and leads to improved morale, increased productivity and win-win situations for both staff and managers. We also assist our clients with the development of succession programs for those that are being prepared for future leadership positions.

Culture Development

Culture is the heartbeat and personality of an organization. Whether it is intentionally built or accidentally developed, it directly shapes the expectations, habits and performance of the people within it. The solutions to issues such as too much turnover and low job satisfaction are often found inside this larger issue of culture. Our workshops help you shape your current culture into the one you envision.