Making your vision your new reality.

As seasoned experts in the field of consulting, SBL contributes its strategic thinking and vast experience to clients looking for the next level of success. With a powerful combination of both proven results and fresh, new thinking, SBL executives partner with our clients. Our client base spans a wide range of regional and national industries including distribution companies, utilities, technology and professional organizations.

John Oakes

The CEO and founder of SBL Consulting Group, John Oakes built his business on the foundation of many successful corporate years as an executive, where he developed leaders, built teams and pursued entrepreneurial visions and dreams. He is a native Californian and Cal Poly Alumni with extensive background in financial services and successful corporate consulting.

A significant portion of John’s corporate career was spent in helping individual leaders and their companies expand their capacity as both independent and regional organizations. During his corporate tenure, he held several senior executive positions, was a corporate pilot and held responsibilities for developing functional teams to manage multi-faceted operations. John has devoted time to California Bankers Association, American Bankers Association as an institutional advocate in California and Washington DC, Rotary International, United Way and regional and local chapters of California Leadership Programs.

John has earned the full range of Assessment Certifications from TTI Success Insights, the international leader of Corporate Assessment Tools. He is also certified with the International ODYSSEY Consulting Institute as a Master Business Consultant.


Strength in numbers.

Collaborating with other top professionals allows us to find the best solutions for our clients. When appropriate, we collaborate with other experts in our widespread network to contribute to the types of solutions we offer. This allows us to provide our clients with exactly what they need, no matter how niche it is.


What our clients have to say.

"What has occurred over the past 24 months has guided us to a new path for growth by building bench strength and a new leadership design for our company. The impacts on our organizational culture, the excitement of our store teams and our bottom line have all been affected positively. One of the best decisions we have made is by bringing SBL Co. in to provide us with consulting solutions."

- Richie Morgan, President

"I engaged John Oakes of SBL Co. to be my personal executive coach. Within this period of time, I found new ideas and tools to help me to be more effective with my IT team and the COO/s leadership team, which improved my peer contributions and personal confidence. Personal Coaching has contributed significantly to my professional career" 

- Mark Geery, CIO 

"Without the TTI assessment tools SBL provided, it would be out of the question to make any change in how we do business as it relates to human capital development. SBL Co. brings highly sophisticated TTI Assessment tools and their staff expertise to the table that guided our Selection, Benchmark Design and On-Boarding processes that we have been using for about nine years." 

- Mac Sullivan, CEO