About SBL 

SBL Consulting Group was founded in 1992 by John Oakes. A native Californian, Mr. Oakes has over 30 years of successful corporate experience in the area of financial services including President and Director of the Board. He has an extensive background in the public arena as a political advocate for the American Bankers Association and the California Bankers Association. Since 1994, Mr. Oakes has been involved in the foodservice industry. 

Today, SBL's clients come from a wide range of regional and national industries from foodservice distribution to the financial industry and nearly everything in between. In addition to on-site consulting at client facilities and corporate retreat centers, SBL uses the most advanced electronic and telecommunication technology to service their clients.

SBL Mission

SBL's mission is to provide leaders and companies with keys that will unlock their success potential. By using strategic consulting, professional coaching and scientific assessments, we lay the groundwork for firms to find their path to exceptional performance.

SBL Vision

SBL's vision is for every leader, team and organization to be freed from the things that prevent them from reaching and expanding the reality they envision. 

SBL Core Competencies

  • Listens closely to the unique needs of each client
  • Provides comprehensive solutions that can be immediately implemented 
  • Builds custom systems to meet the specific needs of the client
  • Responds to the urgency of the business world by moving promptly to meet critical needs
  • Follows up to ensure that systems are producing expected results
  • Provides the client with ongoing support of SBL's systems

SBL Brand Experience

  • Explorative: Change comes from personalized exploration, not from a formula
  • Empowering: Leaders must be empowered to be self-sustaining
  • Creative: Versatile thinking uncovers new solutions

 What We Believe

  • Change comes to the open-minded
  • Cultural patterns are set by those with the highest influence
  • Lasting impact comes from solving foundational problems
  • Accountability is vital for long-term success