Succession by Design

In order to protect your company's financial position and strengths, it's imperative to design a plan that ensures continued success before, during and after a leadership transition occurs.

We work closely with you to determine:


When to Start

Where to Start

Desired Outcomes

How to Get There


But it doesn't stop there.  We will continue to guide you as you execute on the plan and new leadership steps in. We will work closely with you to adapt the plan to fit your changing needs. 


We are committed to you and your success.



What has occurred over the past 24 months has guided us to a new path for growth by building bench strength and a new leadership design for our company. The impacts on our organizational culture, the excitement of our store teams and our bottom line have all been affected positively. One of the best decisions we have made is by bringing SBL Co. in to provide us with consulting solutions.
— Richie Morgan, President Northern California Regional Grocery Chain