What you need is unique to you
We start by listening and follow with world-class tools and collaborative analysis

First we listen.

The first step to finding the right set of solutions is to listen.
Clearly understanding our client’s needs is our highest priority.

This allows us to focus on the right issues that will have the most powerful overall effect. Through our team’s guidance and strategic insight, we collaborate with our clients to develop the right plan utilizing the right combination of tools.


The tool you use matters.

years of science and research
languages offered
countries in worldwide network
years of combined assessment industry experience

When assessments are among a set of solutions for a client, we use TTI Success Insights. They are among the world’s largest assessment companies and are highly valued for their scientific reliability and validity.

CEO John Oakes is certified in all of the TTI Assessment Systems, Member of TTI's Chairman Club and certified as an Odyssey Consultant & Academy Member of Odyssey Transformational Strategies.


Change comes from new thinking, not new structures.

Since every business moves on a different playing field and has a different set of goals, their solutions are highly specific to them. While problems are often complex, there are foundational issues always at the root,
regardless of industry.



Collaborating with other top professionals allows us to find the best solutions for our clients. When necessary, we collaborate with other experts in our widespread network to contribute to the types of solutions we offer. This allows us to provide our clients with exactly what they need, no matter how niche it is.

What has occurred over the past 24 months has guided us to a new path for growth by building bench strength and a new leadership design for our company. The impacts on our organizational culture, the excitement of our store teams and our bottom line have all been affected positively. One of the best decisions we have made is by bringing SBL Co. in to provide us with consulting solutions.
— Richie Morgan, President Northern California Regional Grocery Chain